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Do you work with children ages 5-11?

The Sound Oracle Kids Coach course teaches you how to deliver mindfulness, relaxation & wellbeing practices to children in a unique and interactive manor.  Using the application of therapeutic sound.

The Sound Oracle Kids Coach Programme for professionals and practitioners

This 3-day CPD certified course will resource you to deliver a fun & interactive mental wellbeing programme to help you enhance a child’s self esteem and build their mental resilience with therapeutic sound.

This course combines psychology, physiology and the practice of therapeutic sound.   

It provides teachers with a unique and practical training course, instrument kit, educational resources and online interactive online platform to support children's mental wellbeing.

The course content is designed to enhance the children's skills in:

listening - communication - musicality - relaxation - teamwork - self-regulation - creativity - co-ordination - storytelling 

It links with the curriculum in a number of areas including the Arts, World Around Us and Personal Development & Mutual Understanding.

How your 2-Day course is structured

1-day practical training online - 22 October 2022

Followed by:

Coaching support

8 (1-hour) x Weekly Zoom & video group coaching calls during the course.  (Sessions are recorded to view if you cannot attend the live event).

PLUS Online Course

Access to online course materials, resources & videos for further learning, delivery ideas and support after your practical day.

Plus bonuses worth £297

Teacher's kit

The Sound Oracle Kids teacher's resource kit and online library of fun sound tools and techniques to support children’s wellbeing.

Online interface

Access to online interface to play sounds for your children in the classroom on an iPad or tablet using touch screen.

Additional bonus worth £97

Receive access to modules from our standalone Exploring Therapeutic Sound course.

Multi-teacher training package offer for your school

For schools making a multi-teacher booking for this CPD course you will receive a user license to extend the use of our online interface to children across your school.

This option also provides a cascade model training structure with additional support for teaching staff.


Book now and gain instant access to modules from our 'Exploring Therapeutic Sound' course to help you prepare for your training day.

Our next online training date is scheduled for:

Saturday 22 October 2022

Within Your CPD Training Course

You will learn to practice with The Sound Oracle Kids programme using therapeutic sound techniques for mindfulness and more...

1. Learn the characters and their sounds

Each character represents a sound, which has an effect on the mind and body.  You will be taught the relevance of these sounds, what they represent and how to confidently share them in the classroom.

2. Practice playing instruments

Gain practical experience on how to play a range of therapeutic sound instruments for your children in the classroom.

3. Use the digital online resource

The Sound Oracle Kids online digital resource is a treasure trove of sounds and support.  You will learn how to access and use these sounds for a fun, mindful experience.

4. Explore the therapeutic benefits of sound

During your training you will experience the sensations of therapeutic sound for yourself.  This will be an enjoyable and experiential way for you to understand the effects of sound.

5. Understand how to share sounds safely

Learn, experience and understand how to share sound safely with your children, including the contraindications when working with sound sensory challenges.

6. Learn innovative wellness tools & techniques

By the end of this course, you will have a set of unique sound tools & techniques to support positive mental wellness and self-regulation.

Your BONUS teacher kit includes

    • Educational cards - with access to cloud based sounds
    • Interactive and accessible online interface to use sounds on iPad or tablet
    • Starter instrument pack
    • Our bright yellow Happy Cloth, to set your instruments on safely
    • A library of fun and empowering sound games,  tools and playing techniques to support the children’s wellbeing
    BOOKING CLOSED for our Autumn ONLINE Teacher CPD course

    1 in every 10 young people experiences problems with their feelings

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of young people. 
    Never before, in living memory, have children experienced such a sustained period of upheaval and uncertainty.

    Calming & uplifting

    The Sound Oracle Kids programme
    has been specifically designed to be
    an enjoyable and uplifting experience
    while at the same time bringing
    a collective calm and focus. 

    What teachers are saying

    A snap shot of our sessions

    Plan for your Autumn 2022 term

      BOOKING CLOSED for our Autumn ONLINE Teacher CPD course
      We are thrilled to share with you that our unique approach to therapeutic sound training with our innovative Sound Oracle training system and product has been awarded a Gold Level Innovation Award.

      The Sound Oracle Kids creator

      The Sound Oracle Kids programme and The Sound Oracle Learning System has been devised and created by Tessa Ann of Tessa UnLtd & The Sound Healing Spa, one of Northern Ireland’s foremost Sound Therapists.  Her team of artists & designers have supported her in communicating her vision.

      Tessa Ann's work has been recognised locally and internationally and was awarded a Gold Innovation Award in 2021.

      For two decades now, she has pioneered mental health and wellbeing benefits of therapeutic sound.

      A CPD certified course

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